The Cosmology and Gravity Group at the University of Cape Town are pleased to be hosting the 2016 edition of the Beyond Concordance Model 2016 meeting; the second edition of its kind in the meeting series. This conference series covers a broad range of topics related to Cosmology, such as inhomogenous universes, backreaction, modified gravity, early universe and observational tests. The format of the meetings encourages discussion and interaction in a relaxed atmosphere, bringing together top-leading worldwide know experts on the subjects.

Topics will include:
  • Surveying the Dark Universe
  • Dark Energy
  • Dark Matter
  • Simulations of Galaxies, Clusters, and the Universe
  • Modified Gravity
  • Inhomogeneous Universe

The meeting will take place from 28 November - 2 December 2016 in Cape Town, a Mediterranean (equivalent to San Francisco or Vancouver in Africa) and spectacular city with two oceans coming together and Table Mountain just behind our campus. The city is quite cosmopolitan with plenty of professionals from all over the world settling here. Moreover, Cape Town lies in the winelands region, the source of many legendary Cape wines plenty of mountainous surrounds, grand heritage and sumptuous restaurants which have earned the Cape Winelands the right to call itself South Africa’s culinary capital. Sessions will be held at the upper campus of the University of Cape Town, in the residential neighbourhood of Rondebosch-Newlands and easily reachable to the vibrant city bowl district and the Waterfront and Atlantic seaboard.

The meetings are informal and there is a minimum registration fee covering lunch, coffee and conference dinner. All participants wishing to give a talk about their work will be able to do so by submitting a title and abstract when they register by the 15th of September 2016.

The number of participants is limited to 60, so early registration is advised. Please note that there is a limited amount of funding to support the participation of students. Applications for grants must be submitted during registration by 15th of July 2016, with preference to students with limited funding possibilities.