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Juan Garcia-Bellido Gravitational Waves from Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter   PDF VIDEO
Sébastien Renaux-Petel Geometrical destabilization of inflation   PDF VIDEO
Timothy Clifton Cosmology with non-linear structures: Exact, perturbative and numerical approaches   PDF VIDEO
Pierre Fleury Cosmic Backreaction and Gauss’s Law   PDF VIDEO
Rituparno Goswami Buchdahl-Bondi limit in f(R) gravity   PDF VIDEO
Raúl Carballo-Rubio Faster than Hawking evaporation   PDF VIDEO
Anne Marie Nzioki Covariant perturbations of Schwarzschild black holes in f(R) gravity   PDF VIDEO
Konstantinos Dialektopoulos Noether symmetries in Gauss-Bonnet teleparallel theories   PDF VIDEO
Martin Scholtz Meissner effect for astrophysical black holes   PDF VIDEO
Ixchel D. Gutiérrez-Rodríguez Conformal geometry of non-reductive four-dimensional homogeneus spaces   PDF VIDEO
Mikhail Katanaev On homogeneous and isotropic universe   PDF VIDEO
Maye Elmardi Cosmological Chaplygin gas as modified gravity   PDF VIDEO


Michelle Lochner Photometric Supernova Classification With Machine Learning   PDF VIDEO
Eloisa Bentivegna Relativistic simulations of the large-scale universe   PDF VIDEO
David Daverio Cosmological simulation in a general relativistic context   PDF VIDEO
Nelson Nunes Three-forms in Cosmology   PDF VIDEO
Sante Carloni A global dynamical systems formulation for the cosmology of R+R^2 gravity   PDF VIDEO
Robert Hagala Waves in Scalar-Tensor Theories   PDF VIDEO
Aroonkumar Beesham Applicability of Bulk Viscous Models   PDF VIDEO
Gary Tupper Chaplygin@15   PDF VIDEO
Ismael Ayuso On the stability and scalar perturbations growth in non-local extended gravity theories   PDF VIDEO
Shymaa Khaled Bounce inflation in f(T) Cosmology: A unified inflation-quintessence field   PDF VIDEO


Sergei Odintsov The unified inflation-dark energy universe evolution from modified gravities: new models   PDF VIDEO
Bishop Mongwane Computational relativity with modified gravity   PDF VIDEO


David F. Mota Nonlinear Cosmological Probes of Screening Mechanisms in Modified Gravity   PDF VIDEO
Jose Beltrán On the limitations of screening mechanisms   PDF VIDEO
Carsten van de Bruck On interactions mediated by dark energy   PDF VIDEO
Julien Larena Some constraints on anomalous couplings of electrodynamics to gravity   PDF VIDEO
Mariam Bouhmadi Hunting the dark universe: Are dark energy doomsdays avoidable? What are observations telling us?   PDF VIDEO
Diego Sáez-Gómez Analysing future cosmological singularities: theoretical aspects and observations   PDF VIDEO
Amare Abebe Covariant Consistency Analysis of the Einstein Field Equations in 4th-order Gravity   PDF VIDEO
José Pedro Mimoso The cosmological divide: local collapse versus global expansion   PDF VIDEO
Giovanni Acquaviva Dark matter perturbations with causal bulk viscosity   PDF VIDEO
Pavan K. Aluri Hidden signals violating isotropy directly from masked CMB sky   PDF VIDEO


Obinna Umeh Induced nonlinear effects on the HI power spectrum on large scales   PDF VIDEO
Charles Hellaby How Inhomogeneities Affect Observations   PDF VIDEO
Anthony Walters Modelling cosmic flows with inhomogeneous cosmologies   PDF VIDEO
Francisco Lobo Hybrid metric-Palatini gravity   PDF VIDEO